Charming accommodation, cafés and more in Lakeland

广东快乐十分龙虎 Take a tour of some of the best places to eat, drink and sleep around the lakes at the heart of Finland: Lakeland.

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Finnish Summer Food

While Finnish winter staples such as hearty stews keep us warm during the cold months, we prefer our summer food to be light, fresh and easy to prepare.

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9 "Hot" Summer Cities in Finland

Because of?the long, cold winter Finns celebrate their summer very passionately - and for this reason most Finnish?towns are especially alive in the summer months from end of May till August.

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Wild Food of Finland

Wild food from Finland is pure, simple, seasonal, slowly and naturally grown.

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Biking and Skating the Archipelago Trail

Every skateboarder is an explorer, and finding new spots to skate, film and photograph is an essential part of the sport. Our culture is also deeply visual, so the more exotic and rare the spot, the more appealing it is. This led our crew of six on a voyage …

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The 6 Love Spells of Midsummer

Midsummer is celebrated in Finland on the weekend following the 19th of June. The traditions of Midsummer go back hundreds of years. In the olden times, people celebrated the god of weather “Ukko” during Midsummer, hoping for good harvest and fertility.

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Charming accommodation, cafés and more in Lakeland Finnish Summer Food 9 "Hot" Summer Cities in Finland Wild Food of Finland Biking and Skating the Archipelago Trail The 6 Love Spells of Midsummer
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