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Hungry For finland

Finnish food experiences, naturally.

Finns appreciate simplicity and honesty in all things. The same goes for our cooking; gimmicks and frills are simply not in our nature. Everything starts with clean ingredients, and less is usually more.

Best of all, we have started to appreciate local produce and traditions more and more. Finnish modesty has taken a back seat while a healthy pride for our cuisine has emerged. Now is the time to take a gastronomic journey to Finland.

Authentically Local

When it comes to ingredients and recipes, each region has its own delicious character. We are passionate about our food and we know how to celebrate it. We are fiercely loyal to our culinary roots and proud of our local traditions.

Although you can buy just about anything your heart desires in Finland these days, go native the next time you are here, and you will be in for a treat.


Innovative use of natural ingredients in Nordic cuisine and a laid-back atmosphere are what our food culture is all about. Finland has one of the most vibrant food scenes in Europe right now. The country also has a number of food events and festivals, just waiting for your visit.


Finland is a haven of clean and naturally nutrient- rich foods. The long summer days and cool temperatures enhance the aromas and pigments in wild berries. The real benefits of the Finnish wild berry are, in addition to its northern location, clean soil, clean air and clean water. The unique aroma and the colours are produced by flavonoids and other polyphenols. Finns scour their vast forests for these delicious treasures along with tasty mushrooms and fresh wild herbs.

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Yummy dishes along Turku’s river bank The Forest – a Finnish Favourite Helsinki Weekend with Friends Well-being from Finnish Forests 9 "Hot" Summer Cities in Finland 6 Steps to be Happy Like a Finn Hungry for Finland Explore Hungry for Finland products at My Stay Lapland Arctic Lapland is a land of extremes. The frigid, dark winters make way?for summers of endless days and midnight sun. These harsh conditions nurture some truly exceptional nature. Cloudberries, reindeer, lichen and other wild foods are the taste of Lapland. 



 Open larger map Lakeland The Land of a Thousand Lakes is obviously known for its sh delicacies and pure water. But where forests blanket the land, hunting and game have deep roots. The forest is a trove of wild food, and berries and mushrooms can be found in some form at any feast. Bread is also deeply ingrained in Lakeland culture. 



 Open larger map Coast & Archipelago People of the coast and archipelago have always lived off the sea. The world’s largest archipelago is home to thousands of seafood dishes, all with their own regional character. However, marinated Baltic herrings and black?archipelago bread are available nationwide. 



 Open larger map Helsinki The nation’s capital is enjoying something of a culinary boom at the?moment. New restaurants offering Nordic cuisine are popping up constantly. They all share a passion for clean, local ingredients and seasonal cooking. The people of Helsinki do their part on Restaurant Day, when citizens and travelers take up the streets and their neighbours’ homes to sample dishes from pop-up restaurants put up by their fellow citizens. 



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